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Especificaciones Técnicas

  • Capacidad de elevación: 175 kg
  • Intervalo de elevación: 636 mm -1970 mm
  • Peso de la unidad: 50 kg
  • Ancho de la base: min = 680 mm

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Product Sheet - Solar

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All Purpose ergonomic mobile lift

Solar´s Scandinavan design with its sweeping elegant lines makes an attractiove choice for home care or institutional use. Its excellent lifting range allows clients to be lifted from the floor.

The design and shape of the chassis provides the client with a maximum of space for a more relaxed transfer. The curved legs allow a wider base spread to acces large chairs or wheelchairs. Ergolet´s patented spreader bars always ensures safe and simple sling attachment. Solar uses the most advanced Linak control box, which includes an LCD isplay that shows current action and service information. The system records and shows the number of lifts performed and also the date of the next service.



  • • Electrical leg adjustment as standard.
  • • Emergency stop and emergency lowering.
  • • Advanced Linak control system.
  • • New ergonomic handle design.
  • • Narrow base to accomodate narrow doors.
  • • Curved legs giving a wide spread to access large chairs.

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