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Especificaciones Técnicas

  • Capacidad de elevación: 275 Kg
  • Washing Temperature: 92° C
  • Drying Temperature: 55° C
  • Available Sizes: XXS - XXXL
  • Material: Polyester

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Usermanual - Walking sling

The walking sling can be used for gait training with Ergolet’s Luna ceiling lift or Ergolet´s Ergo Trainer – weight relief system. The sling has soft padding under the arm section, and an overall design to provide the user with excellent support and comfort during gait training. A double safety clasp locks the Walking Sling in position.

It is a requirement that a qualified instructor or therapist is present during gait training with the Ergo Trainer.



• Usability: For gait training and general rehabilitation purposes for active users.

• Function: Walking sling for gait training/rehabilitation. Is designed to support the upper body and groin area when raising the user during gait training. The sling is secured by the two safety claps.

• Lift to and from: Sitting or lying position e.g. bed, wheelchair/bathing and shower chair. Gait training with a walk table

• Compatibility: 2-point spreader bar, Luna ceiling lift, Ergo Trainer – Weight Relief System.

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