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Technical Specifications

  • Lift capacity: 250 kg | 552 lbs
  • Weight: 48 kg | 106 lbs
  • Lifting Interval: 60 - 170 cm | 24-67"
  • Inside width legs (min/max): 56/105 cm | 22/41"

Download attachments:

Titan/250 Stand Aid Product Sheet

Compact high weight capacity stand aid

The Titan 250 is a high quality, bariatric stand aid with a weight capacity of 250 kg or 552 lbs with a very small foot print. The use of quality components throughout ensures a stand aid capable of withstanding long term heavy duty use. The legs are spread in a wide V-shape providing greater stability when raising heavier clients.

Titan 250 is designed to carry out patient transfer from one seated position to another without compromising safety, for example in a toileting or general transfer situation. Titan 250 is the ideal aid for clients who are cognitive and able to cooperate, and who are partially weight bearing but require assistance to be raised to an upright position. Titan 250 does this by imitating the body’s natural rising movement, making the lifting action comfortable for the client.

Titan 250’s features include a contoured, dynamic kneed pad unit which is both depth and height adjustable, as well as a footplate which can be optionally angled downwards for easier client access.

Optional "power drive" can be fitted to assist the transfer of a heavier client.



• Compact design
• Multi positional handgrips options.
Easy rolling wheels. Rear braked.
Mechanical emergency lowering on lifting actuator and control box.
Integrated Linak control box & battery.
Adjustable dynamic kneepad
Stable base
Magnetically attachable hand control

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