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Quality at a competitive price

Selena 165 is an all purpose, competitively priced, quality mobile floor lift designed for safe and effective patient transfer. The safe working load is 165 kg or 363.8 lbs. Only quality components are used to produce a reliable mobile lift ensuring a long service life.

Selena 165 is equipped with high quality, smooth rolling wheels which also manoeuvre well on carpets. With Ergolet’s patented spreader bar and sling hook system, sling attachment is made simple for the carer, while guaranteeing safety for the client.

Linak actuators with soft start-stop technology ensure for smooth movement of the powered lifting arm and legs via the magnetically attachable hand control. Selena 165 spreads the long front legs outwards in a V shape, and the rear short legs inwards.



• Charger: Is integrated in the control box.
• Power overload circuit: The control box is also equipped with a power overload circuit for the lifting and leg spreading functions.
• Hand control: Is equipped with pictograms indicating the up/down and in/out func­tions. Expandable spiral cord and magnetically attached.
• Emergency stop: Disconnects the power supply to and from the batteries.
• Audible beep: Sounds when charging is required.
• Rear Castors: braked.
• Emergency lowering: 2 emergency release functions will lower the lifting arm: one electric located on the control box, and one manual on the lifting actuator.
• Battery indicator: Indicates battery capacity level.
• Battery charging light: Lights up when charging is required

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