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Technical Specifications

  • Lift capacity: 150 kg | 331 lbs
  • Weight: 45 kg | 99 lbs
  • Lifting Interval: 597-1665 mm | 24-66"
  • Base Width: 605-882 mm | 24-35"

Highly Compact Stand Aid

The Pallas 150 is a highly compact stand aid for individuals able to bear partial body weight when transitioning between seated and standing positions such as from bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to toilet.  Ideal for home use, and residential care homes. Its weight capacity is 150 kg or 330 lbs.

The Pallas 150 emulates the body’s natural standing movement, allowing the user to experience a more comfortable, familiar posture when being assisted.  It was designed with safety in mind for both caregiver and the individual needing assistance for sling-supported transitions.  Ease of use in the home was a key design element, as users will find the compact footprint able to accommodate tight spaces such as bathrooms and hallways while requiring minimal storage space.



• Market-leading compact size.
• Adjustable knee support of height, angle and depth to allow for tall or short patients.
• Foot plate height extensions.
• Ergonomic handles with several gripping positions.
• Low friction wheels.
• Electrical emergency lowering.

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