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Technical Specifications

  • Lift capacity: 200-275 kg | 440-605 lbs
  • Weight: 6.7 kg | 15 lbs (without spreader bar)
  • Length of strap: 2200 mm | 87"
  • Lifting Interval: 1950mm | 77"
  • Protection class: IPx4

Luna’s total flexibility and elegant shape marks a breakthrough in innovative Scandinavian design, making it the preferred choice for home care, institutional or hospital use.

Luna is a fixed and portable overhead lifter in one unit, providing unmatched versatility. Combine Luna with an Ergolet track option for an effective, versatile system.

The Ergolet patented hooks on the spreader bar ensure safe, simple sling attachment while the ergonomic hand control enables a safe and easy transfer.


New features:

The Luna is now IPx4 tested for wet environments allowing safe transfers in bathrooms free of the risk of lift failure if the unit is inadvertently showered with water. The hand controls are both IPx4 & IPx7 tested, tolerating exposure to showering and full immersion in water, respectively. In addition to the standard powered emergency lowering function on the hand control, there is now a second emergency manual lowering function on the Luna itself, easily operated in the unlikely event of a complete lift failure. There is also a new additional output for electrical spreader bar. Finally, there is the new screw lock connector, a secure and reliable mechanism to hook up the hand control to the Luna lift.



• Class leading design and functionality.
• IPx4 protection class. Tolerates watering.
• Patented Ergolet hooks on spreader bar, simple and safe to use, with a range to suit standard, paediatric and bariatric needs.
• Versatility for fixed and portable applications.
• Clean and simple state-of-the-art-design.
• Weight capacity of up to 275kg / 605 lbs.
• Easy charging via hand control.
• Available IPx7 hand control that can be immersed in water.

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