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Technical Specifications

  • Protection class: IPx4 / IPx7

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Luna Hand Control - Product Sheet

Our hand control and charger are optimized for convenience and safety. Exceptional functionality allows the caregiver to focus on the patient’s safety and needs.



    • The Ergolet Hand Control can be mounted to any wall, providing a more permanent and stable charging station.
    • The Hand Controls simple and sleek design allows for maximum functionality.
    • The Hand Control has recharge stations on several Ergolet products, including Luna Trolley or Mobile Flex 2- or 4-post systems.
    • The hand controls are both IPx4 & IPx7 tested, tolerating exposure to showering and full immersion in water, respectively.
    • Options for top or bottom cable on IPX4 hand control. It is also possible to select the length of the cable.


    Luna hand control IPx4 with cable on bottom

    Luna hand control IPx4 with cable on top

    Luna hand control IPx4 cable on bottom, 2 channels

    Luna hand control IPx4 with cable on top, 2 channels

    Luna hand control IPx7 with cable on bottom

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