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Technical Specifications

  • Lift capacity: 200-275 kg | 440-605 lbs
  • Weight: 2.0 kg/m | 4.4 lbs/40"
  • Profile Measurements: 25.5mm x 97mm | 1" x 4"

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E-Track Product Sheet

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Ergolet’s E-Track represents a revolution in tracking techniques. Innovative Scandinavian design at its best, the wall mounted E-Track is a thin profile blending into the home and institutional environment, removing the need for unsightly conventional wall or ceiling brackets. E-Track can be mounted on most wall types

Used with the Luna ceiling lift, the wall mounted E Track and traverse bar provide safe, total room lifting coverage, regardless of room layout or furnishings. More versatile than conventional ceiling track, E Track easily installs in rooms with vaulted, uneven or disrupted ceilings without the need for expensive bracing. The flexibility of the E Track system means that traverse systems may be transferred simply, easily and quickly from one room to another.



• Unique wall mounted track solution.
• Exceptionally discreet and functional.
• Can be fitted to most wall constructions.
• Quick and easy to install.
• Can be used to support light shelving, room dividers or curtains.

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