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Technical Specifications

  • Max load: 275 kg

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Product Sheet - Door Connectors

Patient transfer from room to room can be a very difficult task since most overhead track systems require under door transfer. Ergolet has now introduced a unique door connector system for fast, easy, comfortable and, above all, safe transfers from room to room. This door connector does not require costly changes to the electrical system since it is totally manual in operation. Simply pulling on the operating cord opens the connection from the one system to the other. To lock, pull on the cord again to open the locking mechanism, and click the traverse into place.



    • Manual operation – no costly electrical installations required
    • Traverse clicks in place – no need for lining up
    • Compact and discreet
    • Several models to suit individual configurations
    • Fail safe mechanical features


The video below shows patient transfer from a room to a bathroom using door connectors:

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