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Technical Specifications

  • Lift capacity: 175 kg | 386 lbs
  • Lifting Interval: 596-1055 mm | 22-40"
  • Dimensions: 770 x 2048 mm | 31 x 81"
  • Anti-Trendelenburg Tilt Angle: 10 degrees

Adjustable height & tilt features

Lambda is designed to assist less able clients maintain hygienic regimens. The class leading lifting range of the trolley allows easy showering or changing while giving the caregiver a back-saving working environment.

Side and end rails adjust into four locking positions to ensure the individual stays secure while allowing water to collect and partially immerse the individual during bathing.  After bathing, drainage channels and a tilt feature allow water transfer away from the patient, enhancing safety and comfort for drying and transfer.


  • • Class leading height adjustment allows  the showering surface to be  electrically raised to over 103cm ( 3 feet) at a smooth, even pace.
  • • The trolley safely tilts up to 10 degrees while keeping the individual in place.
  • • Drain channels in the mattress facilitate the complete draining of pooled water which empties via the built-in drain and hose.
  • • The easy-gliding wheels provide maximum manoueverability while the central braking system prevents the trolley from moving when engaged.
  • • Clean, state-of-the-art design for use in the home, hospital or care facility.

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