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Technical Specifications

  • Angle of tilt: 5° - 30°
  • Seat Width: 430 mm | 17"
  • Weight Capacity: 140 kg | 309 lbs

Versatility:Tilt-in-Space and height adjustable

The Hera/140 tilt-in-space bathing and toileting chair is designed for maximum comfort, dignity and versatility. Its functionality is complemented by its modern Scandinavian design, clean lines and concealed cables.

Hera’s recline feature allows functions to be performed more easily and comfortably for both caregiver and user.  The chair tilts forward and backwards, flip-up armrests allow for easy sideways transfer in and out of the chair.  A unique feature of Hera II is its height adjustment mechanism to accommodate users of various heights, and also to allow for flexible chair placement over toilets of various sizes. The detachable seat is available with or without an open front aperture.


  • • Tilt-in- space feature
  • • Well-cushioned armrests can be raised for easy sideways transfer into and out of the chair.
  • • The neck support, backrest and foot supports are quickly and easily adjusted to suit the comfort of the individual.
  • • The seat and backrest are made of a synthetic materials to provide a balance of comfort, resiliency and durability.
  • • The adjustable chair height leaves enough clearance space to easily position the chair over the toilet.
  • • Made of high-quality stainless materials, the Hera is sturdy and easy to clean.
  • • Set on easy-gliding wheels equipped with high-quality brakes, the Hera will move easily when you want it to and stay put when it needs to.
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