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Technical Specifications

  • Løftekapacitet: 275 kg
  • Bredde: 575 mm
  • Påsætning: 4 hanging points

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Product Sheet

The 3-Point Powered Positioning Spreader Bar provides increased flexibility to optimally position and reposition the patient during transfer. Users can be moved from a semi-lying position and seamlessly repositioned to an upright position, or vice-versa.

An all-in-one flexible solution

The spreader bar can help to facilitate the correct positioning of the user in the chair, for transfers from bedto chair. You will not need to use the positioning and tilt functions of either the bed or the chair - the spreader bar does all the work!

Full focus on the user and the user’s needs

The 3-Point Powered Positioning Spreader Bar provides the opportunity to ensure the correct position of the user throughout the transfer - for example, if the user needs a more open seat angle. It also provides the caregiver good opportunity to have eye contact with the client.

Patented solution

The 3-Point Powered Positioning Spreader Bar has a patented swivel and tilting mechanism which prevents tangling and twisting of the ceiling lift’s strap.The spreader bar must be used with the 2 channel Luna model and specially designed sling with clips.
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