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Why don’t all service partners perform a weight test?

Actual weights are heavy! (I know, you knew that already) and expensive to purchase. It takes longer to carry out a weight test than a load test, and the logistics of transporting the weights is problematic. In short it’s easier and cheaper to perform a load test than a weight test..

What is a weight test?

Actual weights are used in this test. The total weight lifted varies with the lifter, but will at least reach the maximum safe working load (SWL). The weights are placed on a trolley or frame and a full lift is performed, simulating hoisting a client. This will reliably test the integrity and stability of the lifter. This is even more important in light of the MHRA alert on actuators.

What is a load test?

A load test is a resistance test using a spring balance as a substitute for actual weight. This type of test does not test the full stroke of the actuator (motor) but typically a small percentage (15-20%) at the bottom of the stroke, which tends to be the section least used. Mobile lifters (hoists) are taller and lift higher than ever before. A load test will not test for stability as no actual weight is used. A spring balance is a hand held scale which is attached to the lifter for the test.

How can you see how old the lifter is and if it has been serviced?

All Ergolet lifters have a serial number sticker attached to the lifter that gives the date of manufacture among other information. If the lifter has been serviced it will be fitted with a service sticker giving the date of service.

How is the overhead tracking systems installed?

Ergolet and our partners make a site survey of each installation and always uses fully trained installers to ensure safe systems. We can accommodate all care situations in home care and facilities.

What is the lifetime of a sling?

Sling lifetimes vary according to use, washing techniques and temperature. Other factors can also influence this – if in any doubt contact your dealer. Ergolet also recommends checking the sling for visible signs of wear or tearing before each use.

How often should overhead lifters be charged?

We recommend charging both overhead lifters and mobile lifters after each use. The batteries cannot be overcharged.

How does Ergolet charge the overhead lift?

Through the hand control via the wall mounted charger.

Who is Ergolet?

Ergolet is a Danish based company with over 20 years of experience in transfer systems for home care and institutions.

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