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Technische Angaben

  • Tragkraft: 275 Kg
  • Waschemperatur: 92° C
  • Trocknungstemperature: 55° C
  • Verfügbare Größen: S - XXL
  • Werkstoff: Polyester

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User Manual - Full Sling

The Universal sling with head support is a standard model with split leg straps, suitable for users, who need a high degree of support for head and body.The shape fits most users providing excellent support of the head and body.

The universal sling with head support has colour-coded loops to ensure a correct lift and a visible size indicator to make it easier for carers to select the correct sling.

These features ensure a product of the very highest quality, comfort and safety for both user and carer.




• Usage: Lifts of inactive users who need full body support and comfort.

• Function: Supports complete body and head. Padded leg straps for extra comfort.

• Lift to and from: Sitting/semi-sitting to and from e.g. bed, wheelchair/bathing and shower chair and floor.

• Spreader bar compatibility: 2- ,3- and 4-point spreader bar.

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