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Technische Angaben

  • Tragkraft: 275 Kg
  • Waschemperatur: 92° C
  • Trocknungstemperature: 55° C
  • Verfügbare Größen: S - XXL
  • Werkstoff: Polyester Mesh

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Universal Mesh Sling User Manual

The Universal mesh sling has split leg straps. The material is very pliable so it can follow the shape of the body providing excellent support. The breathable material allows the user to sit on the sling for longer periods e.g. in a wheelchair, bathing and shower chair etc.

The universal mesh sling has colour-coded straps to ensure the correct lift and to make it easier for the carer to choose the correct sling

This feature guarantees comfort and safety for both user and carer..



• Usability: Lifts users with sufficient head control. The mesh sling material allows the body to breathe and because it is porous it dries fast and can be used as a bathing sling. Universal Mesh Sling provides extra support and comfort for users who have to remain in the sling for longer periods due to pain, contracture, obesity etc.    

• Function: Supports complete body except head and neck. The polyester mesh allows the body to breathe.

• Lift to and from: Sitting/semi-sitting to and from e.g. bed, wheelchair/bathing, shower chair and shower trolley.

• Spreader bar compatibility: 2-, 3- and 4-point spreader bar

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